Last impoverished people in Guiyang shake off poverty



Guiyang declares all the impoverished people have shaken off poverty. [Photo/]

According to the government work report released at the fifth session of the 14th Guiyang municipal people's congress on May 13, the last 13,564 impoverished people in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, have been lifted out of poverty.

In 2019, Guiyang took various poverty alleviation measures to help impoverished people, including monitoring drop-out rates of students from low-income families, enhancing the medical security system, removing the hidden dangers of housing security for 696 rural households, relocating 12,090 impoverished residents, and constructing 18 rural drinking water safety projects.

To promote an industrial revolution in rural areas, Guiyang got rid of 308,200 mu (20,546.67 hectares) of crops with low economic benefits, planted 223,000 mu of cash crops, and established 25,000 mu of high standard vegetable supply bases.

Some 2,034 agricultural products were certified as pollution-free, green food, organic food or agro-product geographical indication; the number of rural collective economy stock cooperatives reached 901; over 150,000 famers benefitted from cooperation with companies and cooperatives; and the total output value of agricultural product processing hit 87 billion yuan ($12.25 billion).

Guiyang also invested 464 million yuan of financial funds and 870 million yuan of social funds, implemented 182 poverty alleviation projects, and provided 159,500 job positions.

Guiyang sold 1.47 million metric tons of agricultural products from all over Guizhou province, with a sales volume of 13.6 billion yuan, and helped Puan county, Changshun county, Tianzhu county, Luodian county, Jianhe county and Shuicheng county to shake off poverty.

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