Brief information of ethnic groups of Guiyang


There are 49 ethnic Groups in Guiyang, with a population of 721,500, which makes up 16.03 percent of the city's total population.

Wooden drum dance


Ethnic Miao's sacrificial dance, which is accompanied by wooden drums, and often by Lusheng, a spring wind instrument, is mainly popular in Gaopo, Huaxi District and Shilong Village, Baiyun District, both of which are located in Guiyang.

​The Lusheng Festival


Popular among all the subgroups of the Miao ethnic group, the Lusheng dance is performed to the rhythm of the Lusheng, a reed-pipe wind instrument.

Miao's silver jewelry craft in Gaopo


​Miao's Silver Jewellery Craft is a folk art form born during the further development of Miao's social economy and can be found in Gaopoxiang and Qiantaoxiang, Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, Huishui, Longli, and Guiding County.

Miao Ethnic Group's Feb 15 Tiaochang Festival in Duxi


​The Miao ethnic group's Tiaochang Festival, held on Feb 15, can be traced back to pre-Qin times (in other words, before 221 BC).

Buyi ethnic costume


Almost all women of the Buyi ethnic group are expert in weaving and embroidery.

Dazhai local opera (aka Dixi)


​Since ancient times, Huaxi District has been a multi-ethnic area, where a variety of cultures collide and blend with each other, creating a rich ethnic cultural heritage. Huaxi Dazhai local opera (aka Dixi) was mainly introduced from Pingba in Anshun, Guizhou Province and has a long developmental history.