Guiyang Free Trade Zone

The State Council approved the establishment of the Guiyang Free Trade Zone (贵阳综合保税区) on September 14, 2013. The Guiyang FTZ is located in Baiyun district of the city with a total planning area of 10.83 square kilometers. The Free Trade Zone, integrating functions of bonded export, bonded logistics and ports, has the most comprehensive functions and the best policies among all the special zones supervised by Customs in China. While developing its three pillar industries of bonded processing, bonded logistics and bonded service, the zone also focuses on the realization of "three transformations": the transformation from processing trade to integration of processing trade and modern service industry; the transformation from factor-driven zone to combination of element-driven and innovation-driven; the transformation of the zone's focus from the traditional industries to both traditional and new high technology.


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大数据.jpgGuizhou Esgyn Information Technology Co Ltd
机器人1.jpgGuizhou Xiaoi Robot Technology Co Ltd
机器人2.jpgGuizhou Oneway Robot Co Ltd
汽车.jpgGuizhou Trailer Men Technology Service Co Ltd
ftz_副本.jpgGuiyang FTZ signs 26 key investment projects
电子商务.jpgCross-border e-commerce integrated service platform
智能家居.jpgIntelligent home appliance manufacturing and sale base
智能玩具.jpgIntelligent toy manufacturing

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