Gui'an summer extravaganza to bring food, festivals, and fun



People partake in a food festival in Gui'an. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

This summer, Gui'an New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province will launch more than 50 culture and tourism activities, involving sports, catering, and ethnic customs, offering locals and tourists a delicious, fun, and interesting summer.

Get close to the hustle and bustle

In June, the Huayang Street Beer and Food Festival will be held at Gui'an Cloud Valley Fun World. There will be special delicacies such as wild mushrooms and spicy kungfu beef, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the catering culture of northern Guizhou.

The second Gui'an International Beer and Food Festival 2024 will also take place in late June at the square of the Digital Economy Industrial Park of Dangwu sub-district in Gui'an.

The festival will feature food exhibitions, recreational facilities for children, beer displays, music performances, free crayfish tasting, and other activities.

Be immersed in summer romance

In the June graduation season, graduates will exchange gifts, and share their study experiences and aspirations for the future in Huaxi University Town's Siya Food Factory Street area.

In addition, the CATL Car Purchasing Carnival – CATL Alliance Tour, Guiyang Roadside Music Concert – Yueliang Lake special session, and 2024 Gui'an Ice Sculpture Art Festival will be held in Gui'an.

In July, Gaofeng town, Machang town, and Huchao township will host the 2024 "Liuyueliu" Cultural Festival (which is celebrated on the sixth day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar and falls on July 11 this year), where visitors can take part in programs with unique ethnic characteristics, such as bonfire parties, Lanmeng liquor tasting, and theatrical performances.

The 2024 Gui'an Yueliang Lake Family Garden Party will also be held in July at Yueliang Lake, featuring a family marathon, an amusement park, food-related activities, and luxury camping sites, allowing families to have fun together.


Numerous sports competitions are set to be held in Gui'an in summer. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

Passion for sports in summer

In June, Gui'an will host the 2024 National Open Water Fin Swimming Competition, Guiyang Adult Fitness Aerobics and Square Dance Open Championship, the fourth Ethnic Fitness Aerobics and Square Dance Grand Prix, the 2024 "Guizhou Run" Mountain Cross Country Running Series and the "Cool Guiyang" Fitness Ring Trail Cross Country Race.

From July to October, various competitions will begin in Gui'an, including the 33rd Guizhou "Sunset Red" Fishing Competition, the Machang Town Employee Basketball Competition, the Dangwu Sub-district Zhihui Community Basketball Competition, boxing matches, the 2024 "Panoramic Guizhou" Bicycle League (Gui'an Leg) and the Guiyang-Gui'an Road Cycling Race.

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