Guiyang's health sector achieves remarkable progress


Guiyang, the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has made remarkable progress in the health sector in recent years, according to the city's health bureau.

New progress has been achieved in the following seven areas.

Public satisfaction with health services has increased. Statistics showed that the satisfaction index for medical workers has risen from 77.63 in 2016 to 88.32 in 2019.

New progress has been made in deepening the reform of the medical and health systems. The city now boasts 14 medical communities, and 38 township health centers and 50 community health service centers (stations) have been included in integrated construction.

Progress has also been made in using healthcare services to help alleviate poverty. All of 76 towns and villages in the city have standardized health centers, and 912 villages in the city have a total of 1,237 medical rooms. The city also implemented a system allowing centralized and free treatment of serious illnesses.

The health information system for the population has been improved. Health information on the city's residents has been connected to 292 medical and health institutions online via 52 information systems. The city has carried out nearly 100,000 remote diagnosis services for various issues and illnesses.

Basic public health services have been strengthened, including family planning management and the implementation of the two-child policy. As of Dec 30, 2019, the city has reported no public health emergencies above the general level.

Progress has also been made in the innovation of comprehensive health supervision. In 2019, the city handled 5,575 health violations, with a total fine amount of 6.38 million yuan ($985,072). The national and provincial health commissions have praised the city's supervision work in medical health and occupational health.

Also, medical health service capability has been improved. The city promoted the building and expansion of several medical projects and completed 15 community health service centers' standardized construction. It also announced the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and encouraged TCM pilot agencies' establishment.



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© The Guiyang Municipal People's Government.
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