Non-contact shopping safeguards Guiyang residents from virus


To further prevent and control the novel coronavirus, Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has started to provide daily use article distribution for residents from Feb 8.

Currently, over 150 supermarkets in Guiyang provide online ordering service on smartphone apps or WeChat applets to encourage residents to make non-contact purchases and prevent virus infection.

All the city's villages, neighborhood committees, and property management companies have set storage areas near communities to allow customers pick up the deliveries. Delivery men will call the customer in advance to determine the delivery methods and location.

Necessities such as rice, oil, vegetables, pork, and eggs are available at stable prices and are in liberal supply in Guiyang. On Feb 9, Guiyang provided 258.46 metric tons of vegetables and 119.29 tons of fruits to the market, as well as 157.43 tons of meat, eggs, and milk to 159 supermarkets.


Staff members drop deliveries at the storage area of a community. [Photo/]

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