Guiyang strives to prevent medical waste pollution


Guiyang's bureau of ecology and environment in Southwest China's Guizhou province has examined 215 medical institutions since Jan 24, especially those designated hospitals for pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

The check list for their examinations include medical waste sorting, collection, storage, and disposal. Medical institutions with wastewater treatment facility failures, abnormal online monitoring problems, unstandardized medical waste treatment, and incomplete sewage treatment recordings will be required to make corrections immediately.

All medical institutions should collect the medical waste of fever patients in special trash cans and dispose of them according to related regulations. Municipal law enforcement departments should cooperate and collect medical waste outside of the medical institutions and coordinate with medical waste disposal departments to transfer and dispose of them.

Guiyang will enhance supervisions on key medical waste treatment companies and require them to dispose waste every day. Provincial hazardous waste disposal centers will transfer and dispose medical wastes of suspected cases and confirmed cases of patients with pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

From Jan 20 to Feb 3, Guiyang disposed 266.93 metric tons of medical waste, and cooperated with environmental monitoring departments to ensure that the medical sewage quality from medical institutions met the standards.

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