Guiyang to improve its opening-up quality comprehensively


The Fifth Plenary Session of the tenth Guiyang municipal committee of the Communist Party of China laid out the goals and measures for Guiyang to bring the implementation of its opening-up strategy to the next level and offered a blueprint for the city's development in the upcoming stage.

Key regions to open up to


Open up to manufacturers of mid and high-end consumer goods and the “hidden champions” in the value chain.

Japan and South Korea

Open up to manufacturers of mid and high-end consumer goods as well as enterprises in their value chains.

ASEAN and South Aisa

Make full use of the platform provided by the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week to strengthen educational cooperation and cultural exchanges with the ASEAN region.

Deepen cooperation with Vietnam in fields such as commerce and trade, agriculture, tourism and education.

Work together with Malaysia to set up a big data exchange in the country.

Cooperate with India in fields such as software and information technology.

Developed regions in China

Consolidate and further the results of cooperation between Beijing and Guiyang and strengthen cooperation with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region with a focus on the Xiong'an New Area.

Deepen cooperation with the Pan-Pearl River Delta region.

Strengthen exchange and cooperation with the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

Key regions to cooperate with

Mid and high-end consumer goods

Introduce world-renowned enterprises, brands and services and build department stores that sell mid and high-end consumer good as well as high-end, smart commercial streets that attract tourists.

Cooperate with world-renowned automobile brands to build a production base for mid and high-end passenger vehicles.

Cooperate with world-renowned consumer electronics brands to develop electronic products such as premium smartphones and smart home devices.

Cooperate with world-renowned everyday commodity brands, with particular attention on products.

Overseas travel

Strengthen exchange and cooperation with foreign cities on tourism.

Work towards the launch of international air routes linking Guiyang to other Asian cities such as New Delhi, Mandalay and Vientiane as well as destinations in other continents such as Frankfurt, Paris, Melbourne (Sydney), Milan, London and Geneva (Zurich).

Supporting measures

Innovation system

Further the reform of the regulatory mechanism for foreign investment and fully implement the pre-establishment national treatment and negative list management system for foreign investors.

Set up a special fund for the promotion of open economy in Guiyang.

Apply for the establishment of inland pilot free trade zones in Guiyang.

Business environment optimization

Comprehensively advance the reform to provide all services via one online portal and at one site.

Carry out pilot reforms of the approval system for construction projects.

Optimize the credit-based joint reward and punishment systems.

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