Guiyang sets 2019 development goals


In order to achieve sound development in 2019, Guiyang has also decided on several development goals. The major targets for economic and social development are as follows: 

GDP growth of about 10 percent; an increase of at least 8 percent for the added value of above-designated-scale industrial enterprises; fixed asset investment growth of 13 percent; total consumer goods retail earnings rising by 10 percent and total foreign trade volume rising by 15 percent; the added value of green economy and new economy respectively accounting for 45 percent and 23 percent of the city's GDP; general public budget revenue increasing by 6 percent; disposable income growth of 9 percent and 9.5 percent for urban and rural residents, respectively; registered urban unemployment kept below 4.2 percent; CPI growth kept within the target range established by the provincial government; forest coverage of 53 percent; PM2.5 concentration kept under 35 μg/m3; energy consumption growth kept within 740,000 tons of standard coal equivalent; and energy conservation and carbon-emission reduction targets established by the provincial government.