Growth for the real economy accelerates


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Guiyang Line 1 subway goes into use in December 2018. [Photo provided to]

The city of Guiyang achieved solid progress in supply-side structural reform in 2018. A total of 990,000 tons of outdated industrial capacity were shuttered, tax breaks of 20.396 billion yuan ($2.97 billion) was provided, 95.676 billion yuan was invested to strengthen areas of weakness, and the proportions of the primary, secondary and tertiary industry were 4:37.2:58.8.

Significant results were shown in the reform in rural economy. Structural adjustments in agriculture were made to cover 55,186 hectares (827,800 mu) of land, and 133,333 hectares (two million mu) were being used to grow crops particular to the region. Rural tourism income reached 15 billion yuan. The added value of the primary industry reached 15.31 billion yuan, up 6.6 percent, and the contribution of modern agriculture to the added value of the primary industry rose to 39 percent. 

Transformation of industrial enterprises accelerated. A total of 276 industrial projects were introduced and 92 above-designated-scale industrial enterprises newly formed. The added value of above-designated-scale industrial enterprises rose 7.4 percent. A total of 17.5 billion yuan was invested into the 1,000-enterprise Upgrading Program which is directed at "remaking" enterprises and providing each with individual strategies. The city had four projects on the 2018 list of National Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects, and its Industrial Internet Platform was named a National Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Project for the year. Geely was mass-producing vehicles, Geely engines and Hanergy's HanTiles saw smooth production, and over 500 industrial companies were using cloud technology. 

The modern service sector was upgraded. The contribution of modern service to the added value of the service sector rose to 53 percent. The Guanshanhu Modern Service Sector Pilot Zone was established. Financial institutions' deposit and loan balances were respectively 1.135744 trillion yuan (5 percent growth) and 1.241275 trillion yuan (19.3 percent growth). The Export-Import Bank of China opened a local branch, and preparation began for the opening of a China Zheshang Bank (CZBank) branch. The number of tourists totaled 188 million, an increase of 26.7 percent over the previous year; total tourism earnings were 245.656 billion yuan, up 31.2 percent; and the number of inbound tourists was 540,000, up 32 percent. Guiyang was named one of the best cities for tourism in China in 2018 and, for the fourth successive year, honored as one of the best cities in China for summer tourism. It has also become a national logistics hub. 

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