Guiyang residents become happier


Quality of life kept improving in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province in 2018. The urban registered unemployment rate stood at 3.1 percent. The CPI rose 1.7 percent, reflecting basically stable consumer prices. The number of community fresh food stores reached 154, benefiting all communities across the city. The gross enrollment in three-year preschool education, the retention rate in nine-year compulsory education, and the gross enrollment in senior middle schools respectively reached 93.05 percent, 95.03 percent, and 93.52 percent. Over 80 percent of community health service centers met standardized requirements. Drug sales as a share of total revenue for public hospitals declined to 30 percent or less; random food and drug samples passed evaluations at respective rates of 98.94 percent and 99.5 percent for historical highs.    

贵阳高新区美食城(贵州画报 向忆峰) (3)_副本.jpg

People dressed in ethnic costumes enjoy a game at the food court in Guiyang. [Photo provided to]