Guiyang maintains high quality environment in 2018


Environmental protection was boosted in the city of Guiyang. All water from centralized drinking water sources stably met standards, and 93.75 percent of the national and provincial water-quality monitoring sections in the city's major river system was rated as good or excellent. The concentrations of the six major pollutants, including fine particulate matter (PM2.5), were all lower than national Class-2 standards; and days with good air quality accounted for 97.8 percent of the year, which was 2.7 percentage points higher than in 2017. Guiyang ranked 11th among the 169 prioritized cities in atmospheric pollution control. Forest coverage reached 52 percent, 3.34 percentage points higher than in 2017. 

近年来,贵阳市坚持生态优先、绿色发展,以南明河全流域治理为“牛鼻子”,以“一河、百山、千园”为主抓手,加快建设全国生态文明示范城市,让山水贵阳、人文贵阳更加精彩。本报记者 邓刚 摄_副本.jpg

Guiyang strengthens its governance on Nanming River and achieves great progress. [Photo provided to]