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Guiyang's policies to boost software and IT service


Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, issued 13 measures to promote the high speed growth of software and information technology (IT) service on April 20.

Guiyang HIDZ micro firms get helping hand


The authorities of Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Guiyang HIDZ) have rolled out a series of policies to support micro enterprises there resume production and work, according to Guiyang HIDZ officials on March 9.

Preferential policies


Enterprises can receive support from several aspects, including space carrier, operational support, technological innovation, equity incentives, patent incentives, research and development support, talent introduction, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.

Invest in Guiyang


Guiyang, "Zhu" (“ 筑 ” in Chinese, homophonic word of bamboo< 竹,zhu>) in short, is the capital of Guizhou Province and located in the geometric center of Western China.

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