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Guiyang HIDZ firm contributes to compiling of national standards

Updated: 2020-06-09 09:22:56

Four national big data related standards were approved and published by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the Standardization Administration of China -- with the participation of the Big Data Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), which helped in their compilation -- officials said on June 3.

The company is located in the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Guiyang HIDZ) in Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province.

The Guiyang HIDZ firm is also a national technology standards innovation base for big data.

According to local officials, the four major government big data standards compiled with the participation of CETC are expected to improve the open sharing standards system for government big data.

They will also promote the collaboration and innovative application of data sharing across departments, businesses and levels.

Officials said that at the same time, they will prove useful to improve government decision-making and government services with the help of big data. They will also be useful for integrating data -- such as public credit, e-commerce credit and third-party credit in an all-round way -- to promote the development of an honest and trustworthy society.

According to zone officials, the Guiyang HIDZ will next take the opportunity to promote the construction of a big data standards base.

This will help big data enterprises to continuously improve their innovative abilities for technical standards.

It will guide them to actively participate in the formulation of national, local, industrial and company standards.

It will also promote the integration of independent innovation and technical standards, improve the core competitiveness of companies and guide them to develop with a high quality, led by the standards.

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