Kaiyang county cultivates energy storage hub


The current proposal on reaching peak carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality means that a profound green transformation industrial revolution is imperative.


Kaiyang county sees economic, social development flourish


Kaiyang county is understood to have made robust progress in its economic and social development.


Standards for Kaiyang's selenium-enriched lozenges take effect


Standards for selenium-enriched lozenges produced in Kaiyang county will officially take effect on Dec 30.


Kaiyang embarks on agriculture, animal husbandry development


The agriculture and animal husbandry industries in Kaiyang are experiencing boom times, in the wake of the increased application of science and technology.


Kaiyang's industrial economy rebounds


In the first 10 months of this year, the added value of industries above designated size in Kaiyang county grew 15.4 percent year on year.


Kaiyang county announces to boost rural revitalization


Kaiyang recently declared 16 key tasks in promoting its rural revitalization in 2021.


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