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Guiyang implements 211 integration demonstration projects in 2023

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-01-09

According to the recent press conference of the "digital integration of 10,000 enterprises" campaign, in 2023, Guiyang implemented 120 digital integration demonstration projects in the industrial sector, 30 in the agricultural sector, and 61 in the service sector.

The campaign is being promoted by Guiyang through three main methods. Firstly, Guiyang issued the "measures to promote the development of software and information technology services in Guiyang City and Gui'an New Area", which provides financial incentives for companies to establish digital transformation platforms.

Secondly, it collaborated with major companies to establish the Guiyang digital transformation promotion center in 2023. The center is jointly funded by the industry and information technology, big data, and science and technology departments, and it supports 300 enterprises above a designated size (those with annual revenue of 20 million yuan or above) in conducting digital diagnosis in terms of their informatization, innovation ability, financing capability, and talent services.

This helps enterprises determine the key areas for digital transformation, thereby making it easier for more entities in the real economy to embark on digital transformation.

Lastly, Guiyang is relying on industry-leading companies such as China Zhenhua Electronics Group Co and Guizhou Phosphate Chemical Group to build a number of digital transformation platforms in key industry sectors, leveraging their own digital resources and capabilities.

This helps upstream and downstream enterprises and business partners to enhance information collaboration and digital transformation in design, procurement, production, sales, logistics, and after-sales services.

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