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Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring

Updated: 2019-11-13


Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Located at Liuguang River Port (also known as Yangming Port) in Liuguang Town, Xiuwen County, Guiyang City, Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring was named after the famous philosopher Wang Yangming of the late Ming Dynasty, who traveled to the Liuguang River Gorge and composed a poem. The complimentary poem goes, “The crimson sunrise is like glowing sunset. The rain clears up and a thin haze veils the dock. The river is full of twists and turns. At the end of the water, the valley hides in the clouds. On both banks, snowflakes are new flowers on the old trees. Chirp of birds is heard along the post road, and houses are indistinctly in the green mountain. I have traveled and traversed scenic spots, but no place can compare with this gorgeous valley.”

As an unparalleled river-overlooking mountain hot spring in Guizhou Province, Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring is next to Liuguang River Gorge, both sides of which are steep with screen-like precipitous mountain peaks. The width of the valley is not consistent. Both sides of the cliffs are crowded with waterfalls and mountain springs. Changeable mountain scenery and waterscapes lend radiance and beauty to eachother. There are steep cliffs and rapid currents on the upper part of the gorge. The magnificent mountains are as beautiful as the Three Gorges, the rising and falling mountain ranges forming a beautiful landscape in the lower reaches. The wide, deep and enchanting water is as elegant as Lijiang River.

Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring scenic spot covers an area of more than 100 mu. The spot consists of an outdoor hot spring pool area, a reception center, a hot spring hotel, a leisure and entertainment center, a large parking lot, an outdoor sightseeing area and a boat cruise area, among other things. The outdoor area has more than 30 pools with different shapes, sizes and water temperatures. 

The hot spring area includes functional pools such as the children's play-in-water area, the special medicine pool area, the tree root pool, the basic pool, the rotating-water pool, the petals pool and the essential oil pool. The hot spring area has a river-overlooking terraced structure with three platforms connected by circular paths. In every pool on the three platforms tourists can enjoy beautiful valleys. 

The hot spring hotel has a number of high-end rooms, including river view rooms, deluxe family suites, executive suites, and other characteristic rooms. The leisure and entertainment center is located at the mountain peak of the scenic spot, with a full glass curtain wall structure, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery of the valley while resting and having a good time. The open-air tea restaurant immerses itself and the visitors within the painting-like landscape. 

The water of Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring is from the groundwater layer, which is as deep as 1,700 meters and its temperature is as high as 56 degrees Celsius. The hot spring’s daily water supply is plentiful. The water is yellowish and has a light sulfur smell. The hot spring is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals, including radon, strontium, silicate, hydrogen sulfide, and fluorine. Among them, the spring’s radon, silicate, hydrogen sulfide and fluorine content reach the standards of being a mineral hot spring and the national standard of a medical-use mineral hot spring. Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring can bring positive benefits for sufferers of cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases and various types of arthritis.


Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

How to Get There

Guiyang North Railway Station – Guizun Expressway – Zhazuo Interchange– Guibi Road – Liuguang Ring Road – Qiangui Liuguang Hot Spring Scenic Spot

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