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Responsibilities of the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Updated: 2021-01-11

(1) Implementing the State's laws, rules, regulations and policies on housing and urban-rural development; drawing up development strategies, medium and long-term plans, annual plans, and industrial policies related to housing and urban-rural development and guiding their implementation; studying major issues in housing and urban-rural development and putting forward policy proposals; taking charge of the industrial management of housing and urban-rural development, and guiding and coordinating housing construction and housing system reform at district, city, and county levels.

(2) Guaranteeing the housing of urban low-income families in Guiyang: Working out the housing security policies and guiding their implementation; drawing up plans and policies for low-rent housing and public rental housing, coordinating with relevant departments to make arrangements for funds of low-rent housing and public rental housing, and supervising their implementation; preparing the city's housing security development plan and annual plan, and supervising their implementation; approving the access, exit conditions of affordable housing, public rental housing, and low-rent housing, and conducting government acquisition and management; conducting low-rent housing allocation and rental housing subsidies distribution and management; and carrying out reserve management of affordable housing. 

(3) Promoting reform of the housing system: Conducting the collection and management of incremental subsidies and cashing existing subsidies for employees with housing reform units in Guiyang. 

(4) Regulating the management order of the housing and urban-rural development industry. Drafting local laws, regulations, rules and related policies on housing and urban-rural development, participating in the consultation and demonstration of relevant laws and regulations; conducting the supervision of administrative enforcement of law, administrative reconsideration, and response to litigation of housing and urban-rural development; dealing with legality review and filing of relevant regulatory documents, guiding the legal construction and law popularization of the city's housing and urban-rural development system; and handling related administrative approval and administrative examination matters.

(5) Regulating the order of the real estate market, and conducting supervision and management of the real estate market: Coordinating or cooperating with relevant departments to draw up real estate market supervision policies and supervise their implementation; formulating rules and regulations on real estate development, housing registration management, housing expropriation and compensation management, housing leasing, housing surveying and mapping, real estate agency services, and property management, and supervising their implementation.

(6) Guiding and managing city construction: Implementing the construction management of the city's key engineering projects, infrastructure projects, and other government-invested projects; participating in, guiding, and coordinating the construction of other building projects; and conducting comprehensive management, supervision and inspection of underground pipeline installation.

(7) Regulating, coordinating and guiding the development of villages and towns in Guiyang: Coordinating and guiding housing construction and safety and the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas; coordinating and guiding the improvement of the ecological environment of towns and villages; and guiding the construction of key and central towns.

(8) Conducting supervision and management of the construction market, and regulating the behavior of all parties in the market; implementing management of construction engineering design and construction bidding; taking charge of the industrial management of construction installation, decoration, labor, and survey and design; carrying out construction project supervision and construction quality supervision and management; drawing up rules and regulations that regulate the behavior of all parties in the construction market and supervising their implementation; organizing and coordinating construction companies to participate in international project contracting and construction labor cooperation; and building the credit system for the city's construction activities and construction market.

(9) Undertaking the supervision and management responsibility of regulating the gas market order. 

(10) Conducting industrial management, enterprise qualification review, and regulation of practitioners' job specification.

(11) Preparing urban construction fund plans and supervising and managing the use of urban construction funds; and accounting for and collecting urban infrastructure supporting fees.

(12) Transforming scientific and technological achievements in the construction field and promoting application of new technologies: Drawing up the science and technology development plans of the construction industry, and supervising and managing mandatory standards implementation in engineering construction; preparing the science and technology project plans in the construction field and organizing their implementation; conducting construction drawing design review and design quality supervision; implementing the transformation and promotion of scientific and technological project results; and promoting application of the industry's new technologies, new materials, new products and new process.

(13) Supervising and managing the quality and safety of buildings and municipal engineering projects: Carrying out the rules and regulations on constructional engineering quality, safety production, and filing of completion acceptance; conducting emergency management of safety accidents in buildings and municipal engineering construction, and organizing and participating in the investigation and handling of major quality and safety accidents of construction projects; implementing safety supervision of house demolition projects; and conducting the comprehensive management of the seismic fortification of buildings.

(14) Promoting building energy conservation, wall material innovation, and emission reduction in urban areas: Working with relevant departments to work out policies and plans for building energy conservation and wall material innovation, and organizing their implementation; implementing major building energy conservation projects, and conducting review and promotion of new-type walls; preparing the building energy conservation plans and supervising their implementation; undertaking the collection, return and use of the new-type wall material fund; reviewing the city's building energy conservation plans; and guiding building energy conservation, urban emission reduction, and production and use of new-type wall materials in districts, lower-level cities, and counties of Guiyang.

(15) Supervising, inspecting, guiding and coordinating the management of housing property registration and archives; conducting management of real estate transfer, leasing, mortgage, and registration; guiding and managing real estate evaluation; implementing registration, approval and issuance of housing ownership certificates; supervising pre-sale funds for commercial housing; and conducting management of housing surveying and mapping.

(16) Managing housing expropriation and compensation, and conducting fund supervision.

(17) Implementing house safety certification programs and termite control.

(18) Managing the city's property service industry, guiding and regulating the property service management market; and guiding and supervising the collection, use, and management of housing maintenance funds.

(19) Managing the housing leasing market and the registration and filing of housing lease contracts; implementing private housing policies; handling social donations of low-rent housing and dealing with corresponding acceptance procedures; and guiding the management of public housing.

(20) Conducting administrative law enforcement, including administrative licensing and administrative penalties, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules on housing and urban-rural development; and implementing inspection of the city's housing and urban-rural development.

(21) Participating in the formulation of the city's housing and urban-rural development technology talent team building plan and the talent training plan; guiding and managing staff training, professional technical personnel continuing education, and job training of the industry; conducting management of the qualifications of professional technical personnel of the industry; and carrying out exchanges and cooperation in the field of housing and urban-rural development.

(22) Collecting and utilizing related information of housing and urban-rural development, and conducting technical consulting services; guiding the e-government system for housing and urban-rural development in districts, cities and counties of Guiyang City, and managing the urban construction archives.

(23) Conducting review and acceptance of the fire protection design of construction projects.

(24) Implementing military-civilian integration and poverty alleviation and development based on the responsibilities of the bureau; increasing investment in science and technology, improving scientific and technological innovation, and providing guarantees for the promotion of innovation-driven development; shouldering responsibility for safety production and fire protection of the bureau and the construction industry; and promoting the development and application of big data, conducting the management of government data resources in accordance with regulations, and facilitating the management, sharing and openness of government data resources according to law.

 (25) Undertaking other tasks assigned by the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, Guiyang Municipal People's Government and higher-level departments.

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