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Introduction of the functions of Guiyang Foreign Affairs Office

Main responsibilities

1. Implement the guidelines, policies, and foreign-related laws and regulations of the foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

2. Formulate and implement the city's policies, plans and measures about foreign affairs and Hong Kong and Macao affairs; coordinate the city's foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs and other  important foreign-related activities; handle or assist in handling major foreign-related and Hong Kong and Macao affairs; and guide and coordinate the foreign-related and Hong Kong and Macao related work of relevant departments and social organizations.

3.Undertake applications for approval of leaders to visit and invite foreign counterparts; according to the scope of authorizations, review and report for approval of the relevant people for the purpose of going abroad and inviting foreigners to visit, and issue approval documents, confirmations or invitations for the above-mentioned personnel.

4. Responsible for the important non-governmental exchanges between the city and Hong Kong and Macao

5.Responsible for organizing the reception of important foreign guests and diplomatic personnel who carry out official activities; and coordinating the foreign affairs activities of the  leadership.

6. Coordinate and arrange exchanges between various departments and units of the city and foreign diplomatic missions and consular agencies in China, and coordinate the consular services of foreign workers.

7. Manage the exchanges and cooperation between the city and foreign sister cities, and guide the work of foreign exchanges among the citizens.

8.Coordinate and arrange the interviews conducted by foreign and Hong Kong and Macao media and journalists.

9. Implement the state's laws, regulations, policies and measures on the safety protection of Chinese citizens and institutions abroad, and strengthen the consular protection for people outside the country.

10. Coordinate and arrange foreign exchanges work, cooperate with relevant departments to carry out exchanges and cooperation in foreign trade, education, culture, science and technology, health, sports, environmental protection and talents; coordinate and manage the work related to exchanges and cooperation with sister cities outside the country.

Address: 3F, Comprehensive Office Building A area, Second Phase of Municipal Administrative Center, Guanshanhu district, Guiyang 

Tel: +86-851-87989151

Fax: +86-851-87989152

Postcode: 550081

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