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Main responsibilities of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Guiyang Municipal People's Government

Updated: 2021-03-12

1. The commission performs the investor's responsibilities, supervise and manage the State-owned assets of enterprises under the supervision of the Guiyang Municipal People's government, and enhance the management of the State-owned assets via the authorization of the Guiyang Municipal People's Government and in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the State-owned Assets of Enterprises, and other administrative regulations.

2. The commission shoulders the responsibility of supervising the preservation and increment of the value of the State-owned assets of the supervised enterprises. It establishes and improves the index system of the supervision and increment of the value of the State-owned assets, and works out the assessment criteria; supervises and administers the preservation and increment of the value of the State-owned assets of the supervised enterprises through statistics and auditing, and is responsible for managing wages and remuneration of the supervised enterprises, formulates policies regulating the income distribution of the top executives of the supervised enterprises and organizes implementation of the policies.

3. The commission guides and pushes forward the reform and restructuring of State-owned enterprises, advances the establishment of modern enterprise system in SOEs, improves corporate governance, and propels the strategic adjustment of the State-owned economic structure and layout.

4. The commission, following the principle of the Party supervising cadres, establishes a corporate executive selection system in accordance with the requirements of the socialist market economy system and the modern enterprise system, and improves incentives and restraint systems for corporate management; appoints and removes the top executives of the supervised enterprises, and evaluates their performances through legal procedures and either grants rewards or inflicts punishments accordingly.

5. The commission is responsible for organizing the supervised enterprises to turn the State-owned capital gains over to the State, participates in formulating management system and methods of the State-owned capital operational budget, and is responsible for working out the State-owned capital operational budget and their implementation.

6. The commission is responsible for urging the supervised enterprises to carry out the guiding principles, policies, related laws and regulations and standards of national, provincial, and municipal levels for safety production.

7. The commission is responsible for contacting, guiding and urging the supervised enterprises to maintain stability, handle letters and visits, and improve retirement work.

8. The commission is responsible for the fundamental management of the State-owned assets of enterprises, works out local draft laws and regulations on the management of the State-owned assets, establishes related rules and regulations, directs and supervises the management work of State-owned assets at municipal, district, and county levels.

9. The commission strengthens the State-owned assets supervision mainly in terms of capital management, improves the planning investment supervision and State-owned capital operation mechanism, and guides the State-owned capital investment and operation platform to carry out State-owned capital operation.

10. The commission strengthens the investor's supervision and management responsibilities, carries out investigations on major losses of State-owned assets, solves and supervises the found problems in categories, and improves the accountability mechanism for violations of laws and regulations.

11. The commission works on military-civilian integration, poverty alleviation and development in accordance with its responsibilities; increases investment in science and technology, improves technological innovation capabilities, and ensures innovation-driven development. It is responsible for production safety and fire safety; develops application of big data and government data resources management according to regulations, and promotes the standard management, sharing and opening of government data resources in departments according to law.

12. The commission assumes the responsibilities of the Office of the Leading Group of the Party Building Work of the State-owned Enterprises of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee.

13. The commission undertakes other tasks assigned by the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, Guiyang Municipal Government, and superior departments.

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