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Baiyun district lauded for top IP protection performance

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-07-20

The Baiyun district of Guiyang – capital city of China's Southwest Guizhou province – recently won widespread praise for its proactive performance in intellectual property applications and protection.

That's in the wake of the district's latest initiative in intellectual property – also known as IP – when it reportedly successfully applied the 2021 Guizhou County Economic Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Project.

It also obtained 200,000 yuan ($30,007) in special funding from the Guizhou Intellectual Property Administration.

In recent years, Baiyun district has issued a series of policies and initiatives to tighten up its IP protection.

It has rolled out the "Implementation Plan for the Work Mechanism for the Linkage of Administrative Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and Criminal Justice". It also rolled out the "Administrative Measures for the Use of Special Funds for Intellectual Property" and then introduced the "Administrative Measures for Intellectual Property Funding (for Trial Implementation)".

These measures and policies have are believed to have effectively strengthened the protection and use of IP rights, broadened the scope of funding and support for them, actively encouraged businesses to undertake IP work and helped boost the core competitiveness of enterprises. 

As of April, Baiyun district had authorized a total of 6,467 patents, including 824 invention patents and 3,221 valid registered trademarks.

Meanwhile, Baiyun district is reportedly focusing on protecting patents, trademarks and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

It is also known to be cracking down on infringements of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods – and is promptly accepting and handling consumer complaints and reports on infringements.

Since the start of the year, the Baiyun district intellectual property bureau has inspected more than 1,080 various types of business operations, as well as investigated and handled 20 cases involving infringements of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods.

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