Document details Guiyang development plans

by HU ZHONGXIONG (China Daily)|2022-03-08


Tencent's data center is located in the Guian New Area in Guizhou province. CHINA DAILY

Far-reaching effects expected on high-quality growth

The State Council recently issued a document to support Guizhou province in forging a new path in the development of the western region in the new era, which will exert a significant and far-reaching effect on the promotion of high-quality development in the region.

Guizhou will firmly seize the great opportunity and achieve new breakthroughs, prospects and results. The document is a major opportunity and a test for Guiyang and Guian New Area. The document reflects the great support of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for the overall development of Guizhou, and Guiyang will take the responsibility and do practical actions.

A deep understanding of the document is the project-based, policy-based and concrete implementation of the Party's plan for Guizhou.


Visitors tour the food street in Qingyun Road in Guiyang. ZHAO SONG/FOR CHINA DAILY

Guiyang will adhere to the strategic positioning of "four districts and one highland"; keep an eye on the phased goals in 2025 and 2035; grasp the "three keys" of policies, projects and funds; and take the action of "strengthening the provincial capital". The city will pay close attention to supporting reform and innovation, promote Guiyang's big data science and technology, increase the green exploration and development of resources such as phosphorus and aluminum and launch major projects including the Xifeng rural homestead system.

Guiyang will shoulder the mission, brave the new road as a pioneer, transform major opportunities into development tools and create regional high-quality development growth. Guiyang aims to build a high-quality ecological civilization demonstration city, focus on the problems reported by the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors, and continuously increase the proportion of the green economy in GDP. The province adheres to the two bottom lines of development and ecology, continues to expand key industries such as food, new energy vehicles, aluminum and aluminum processing, the health and pharmaceutical industry, software and information technology services, and consolidates the industrial foundation of "strong provincial capital" with industrial breakthroughs.


A technician works on the production line of a tech company in the Guian New Area. SHI ZHAOCHANG/FOR CHINA DAILY

The Guiyang government is prioritizing the digital economy, developing electronic information manufacturing, software and information technology services, increasing the proportion of the digital economy, making every effort to build a digital expo and big data center and enhance the competitiveness of Guiyang's digital economy brand.

The city is implementing the "four major projects" of talent introduction, education, employment and retention and offers guarantees on housing.

The document proposes a series of support policies in the field of people's livelihoods.


Children paint handicrafts at a cultural activity in Nanming district, Guiyang. ZHAO SONG/FOR CHINA DAILY

Guiyang will take people's livelihood as the biggest concern, and create more common prosperity that can be seen, felt and experienced. The city makes job stabilization and social security a top priority by increasing the total number of jobs and ensuring social security work in education, housing, medical care and elder care.

The city has created a social governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance and sharing, so that people live and work in peace and contentment.

The author is a member of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Committee of the Communist Party of China, Party secretary of Guiyang and secretary of the Party working committee of Guian New Area.





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