Guiyang, Uruguay's Rivera sign friendship and cooperation memorandum



Guiyang's Mayor Chen Yan signs the friendship and cooperation memorandum with Rivera's Mayor Richard Sander through video. [Photo/]

Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, and Rivera, a city in Uruguay, held a video meeting on Feb 23 to exchange city development experience and sign a memorandum of friendship and cooperation.

Carolina Ache Batlle, deputy minister of Uruguay's Ministry of Foreign Relations, said at the meeting that Uruguay has actively participated in the Belt and Road Initiative, maintaining cooperation with China in production capacity, commerce, new energy, high technologies and tourism.

Batlle hopes that the friendship and cooperation memorandum will enhance communication between the government departments, enterprises and social organizations in China and Uruguay, allowing both countries to carry out frequent economic and cultural exchanges.


Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Wang Gang delivers a speech to express his wish for fruitful cooperation between Guiyang and Rivera. [Photo/]

Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Wang Gang delivered a speech at the meeting and said that Guiyang and Rivera have excellent cooperation potential with Guiyang's long history, abundant resources and emerging big data industry, as well as Rivera's animal husbandry, forestry and tourism resources.

According to Chen Yan, mayor of Guiyang, the city aims to become a significant economic growth pole in West China, an inland hot spot for the open economy and an ecological civilization demonstration area.

Guiyang hopes to cooperate with Rivera in trade, education, sports, environmental protection and infrastructure construction based on the memorandum.

Richard Sander, mayor of Rivera, said that Rivera attaches significant importance to school construction, personnel training and creating a livable green environment. The memorandum is extremely important for Rivera's development, as the city wishes to maintain close communication with Guiyang in education, sports, culture, technology and commerce.

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