City of Rio de Janeiro



Guiyang has been sister cities with the city of Rio de Janerio since 2018.

Rio de Janeiro lies in northeastern Brazil, and was the country's capital city before 1960. Tropical savanna climate makes the city hot throughout the year with an obvious dry season and wet season.

Ranking as the second largest city after St Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is dubbed the second capital city of Brazil. A renowned cosmopolitan city, Rio de Janeiro boasts the largest port of import, an economic center as well as an essential transport hub in Brazil. Fronted by waters and backed by hills, Rio de Janeiro is an optimal seaport. The city develops textiles, printing, automobiles and other industries, with more than 700 banks, the largest stock exchange, and the largest stadium in the world-Maracanã Stadium. Bestowed with pleasant beaches, the city is a well known tourist spot in South America. 

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